Thursday, October 16, 2014

Office Technology Department at Bramson ORT College

In an age where technology cannot be escaped, the need to be computer literate and technologically savvy has grown to become a core requirement for many office jobs. Since office professionals such as secretaries and administrative assistants have started to assume the responsibilities that many managerial staff members once carried, it's crucial for them to be able to operate the latest technologies in their field now as well. 

At Bramson ORT College, we understand the importance of being able to navigate the Internet and other technologies in a professional setting. That's why we've designed a department specifically focused on developing students' abilities to work with technological programs in an office or other professional setting! 

Students in our Office Technology Department have the option to pursue a variety of degrees, diplomas and certificates depending on their desired career path - general office assistant, medical office assistant, professional billing & coding, medical office assistant, secretary, word processing and secretarial studies. Program lengths vary between 15 and 60 semester credits, and all applicants must have a high school diploma or GED in order to be considered.

For more information on our Office Technology Department, please visit us on our website or contact us at (718) 261-5800 or (718) 259-5300!

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