Friday, January 23, 2015

Are You Looking For an Affordable College? Bramson ORT College Welcomes All Transfer Students

The importance of a high quality, affordable college experience cannot be emphasized enough, particularly in the context of today’s competitive economy. Because of this, the faculty and administrative staff at Bramson ORT have created a flexible and welcoming environment for transfer students who have been disappointed or frustrated by their previous college choices, or are simply looking for change! In keeping with Bramson ORT’s mission to offer an outstanding education at affordable prices, transfer students who have decided to continue their education here can quickly begin the process of transferring their pre-existing college credit to Bramson ORT.

Understanding the Credit Transfer Process

In order to ensure that students are able to maximize their credit transfers, it’s important to first clarify who exactly qualifies for transfer status at Bramson ORT. Transfer students are commonly defined as those who have previously attended a degree-granting, post-secondary institution. Common examples of transfer students and their backgrounds include:

     Students who are changing their degree program and seeking an institution better suited to their desired profession.
     Students who, for whatever reason, have been forced to relocate geographically.

There are no immediate disqualifications for classes or degree programs, although the actual number of credits transferred is determined through an analysis of previous college transcripts. During the initial registration process, students can request a preliminary evaluation of their prior coursework in order to learn which of the classes they have already taken can be rolled over into their new degree track. Credit can only be transferred from institutions that have been accredited by a regional accrediting commission.

Students who are interested in transferring credit to Bramson ORT are asked to provide these materials during Admissions Process:

     Official copies of previous transcripts.
     An official course description for each class being transferred.

Transfer Credit Requirements

Bramson ORT makes every effort to ensure that transfer students receive as much qualifying transfer credit as possible during the registration process. Course credits are deemed fit for transfer if they are equivalent in content and credit weight to classes offered at Bramson ORT. Once a suitable match has been found, students will be given the matching transfer credit if they have received a grade of ‘C’ or better in the previous course. If a student is seeking to transfer credit for a course that is required for successful completion of their degree, they must have completed the previous course within a five-year period prior to enrollment at Bramson ORT.

After a transfer request has been made, the Office of the Dean of Academic Services will review each student’s course selections and academic history in order to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Our Commitment to Transfer Students

Ultimately, these requirements have been put into place in order to ensure that students who do transfer to Bramson ORT are fully prepared to succeed in their new environment. Anyone who has ever transferred to a new university understands how stressful this process can be. The faculty and staff at Bramson ORT have worked with countless transfer students throughout the past several years in order to ensure that they have the best possible opportunities to set themselves up for future academic success!

Make a Fresh Start at Bramson ORT

Education truly is the gateway to success in today’s global economy.  Regardless of what your previous academic experiences may have been, the faculty and staff at Bramson ORT are eager to help you get back on track!  Thanks to a number of accelerated degree programs and affordable tuition, transfer students can quickly begin the process of completing their degree and entering their desired profession.

For additional information about the transfer process, students are advised to contact the Registrar Office at  Thanks to multiple admission dates and a streamlined application process, taking the next step in your college education can happen today!  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Are You Looking for a New and Successful Career Path? Become a Medical Assistant!

The future looks incredibly bright for individuals who have decided to pursue careers within the medical profession.  As our nation’s population continues to expand and age, the demand for highly trained medical practitioners will likely grow.  At Bramson ORT, you can embark upon the path towards a rewarding professional career by pursuing an Associate’s degree for certification as a medical assistant.

So, What does a Medical Assistant Actually Do?

Typically, medical assistants are responsible for a wide variety of administrative and clerical duties that help facilitate the efforts of doctors and other licensed professionals.  Whether it’s carefully documenting medical histories or preparing patients for an upcoming examination, medical assistants often work on the front lines of the industry, helping to ensure that their colleagues have the knowledge and resources they need to effectively assist those in need.  Other duties of medical assistants include:

     Preparing laboratory specimens
     Sterilizing medical instruments
     Recording vital signs
     Assisting in minor surgical procedures
     Handing official correspondence

Medical assistants often find themselves assuming the dual role of office administrator and “hands-on” assistant.  For those who are passionate about taking an active role in their career, becoming a medical assistant may be the perfect choice!

Embarking on a Career as A Medical Assistant

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for medical assistants is set to expand at a staggering 22% pace over the next eight years, making this one of the fastest growing professions in the country today! With a median annual wage of close to $30,000, medical assistants will be able to develop a solid financial footing for themselves and their loved ones while distinguishing themselves in this “in-demand” profession.  Given the flexible nature of their training, medical assistants can often fill a vital niche in a variety of other closely related professions, making this one of the more attractive degree programs offered today at Bramson ORT.  As medical assistants gain experience, they can often apply for more competitive positions in medical establishments and private practices across the nation. 

A World-Class Education with Cutting-Edge Resources

Students enrolled in the medical assistant Associate’s degree program at Bramson ORT have access to state-of-the art equipment, curriculum, and on-campus resources.  Each member of the industry-certified faculty brings years of experience and vital knowledge to the classroom, helping to ensure that students are given all of the knowledge they need to excel outside of their coursework beginning the day after graduation.  Job placement assistance is also available for all students enrolled in the program.  Students are encouraged to speak with employment counselors regularly in order to ensure that they have the information they need to begin preparing for their transition from academic life to employment.  Students can also benefit from:

     Fully equipped labs, computers, updated software, and internet access
     Program of studies tailored to the needs of each individual student
     Review classes for National Certification and City-wide professional exams
     Flexible schedules, combining in-class and online courses
     Exciting internships

The Associate’s degree for medical assistants is one of several degree programs found within the Medical and Natural Sciences Department at Bramson ORT.  With three admission periods available annually, students can begin their education as soon as they are ready.  Students are prepared to graduate from the program after completing 63 credits. 

The Opportunity of a Lifetime is Just a Click Away!

There’s never been a better time to begin the process for a successful career as a medical assistant.  For students who are seeking a profession that engages, challenges, and rewards every step of way, becoming a medical assistant may be the perfect choice!  If you’re ready to jump-start your career success, Bramson ORT is here to help!

At Bramson ORT, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to chase their personal and professional goals and ambitions, and we look forward to facilitating your enrollment here.  With some of the most affordable tuition rates available as well as generous financial scholarship, students can complete their Associate’s degree and secure employment without being saddled by crippling debt. 

Whether this is your first experience in higher education or a return to college life, our faculty and staff look forward to meeting you.  If you would like more information about the Associate’s degree program for medical assistants, feel free to contact our admissions team today.  If you are ready to begin your application, you can do so by clicking here.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A New Year, A New Career: An Affordable Education at Bramson ORT Can Help You Get There!

Each year on January 1st, millions of individuals across the globe decide upon their resolutions for the New Year, a series of goals that can range from getting in shape to landing the dream job. Although career success is definitely a worthwhile objective, it can be hard to do without a quality education!

At Bramson ORT College, we pride ourselves on helping students develop the skills they need to pursue their academic and professional goals. Our student body features a diverse array of cultures, interests and passions which reflect the unique population of the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn and the state of New York. Our students come to us with a shared commitment to excel in their chosen degree program. We are proud to offer:

     Affordable, low-cost tuition and generous financial aid packages.
     Small classroom sizes for personal, individualized learning experiences.
     Flexible class scheduling.
     Hands-on training in addition to classroom work.

Although the current economic climate remains competitive, nearly 80% of our graduating students secure rewarding positions in their respective fields of study each year. The faculty at Bramson ORT bring years of valuable experience and insight into the classroom, helping to ensure that students will be able to distinguish themselves on job applications and during in-person interviews.

Learn More About Us 

Bramson ORT College was first established in 1942 in order to provide valuable educational services for refugees and immigrants during and following the Second World War. After decades of renowned service, Bramson ORT was officially accredited as a College in 1977, offering much sought-after higher education technical programs to residents of the New York community. The goals and values that Bramson ORT championed in these early years of development are identical to those found here today. They include:

     Presenting students with the opportunity to receive the best possible education in a technical, business, or health service program of their choice.
     Preparing students for gainful and rewarding employment upon graduation.
     Helping students develop interpersonal skills and productive work habits.
     Fusing an insightful Liberal Arts education with real-world technical training.
     Encourage attendance among underserved populations within the New York community.
     Provide all students with a well-rounded education that helps them become responsible and informed members of society.

From the first day on campus to the final handshake at graduation, the students at Bramson ORT are supported by a team of faculty and university employees who are completely invested in their success. Bramson ORT spares no expense when developing a supportive and encouraging academic experience for their students.

Degree Programs

Students can currently enroll in one of several in-demand degree and certificate programs, including:

     Business Management
     Computer Technology
     Electronics Technology
     Medical & Natural Sciences
     Office Technology

Each of these fields of study offers countless opportunities for growth and success in the professional workforce. Regardless of which program our students choose, they remain confident in the knowledge that they are receiving a world-class education at an affordable price.  Instead of worrying about student loans and unpaid debt, our graduates can immediately begin establishing themselves as competent professionals in the 21st century global economy.

In addition to theoretical knowledge and research, the faculty of Bramson ORT are committed to providing their students with demanding, hands-on training that puts their skills to the test. Not only does this type of training offer students a glimpse into the real-world operations of a variety of today’s most competitive industries, but it also helps them gain better insight into what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace. The curriculum at Bramson ORT is developed using only the most cutting-edge technology and information. Students will constantly find themselves on the cutting-edge of today’s industry-standard practices.

Apply Today!

Thanks to our streamlined application process, it’s never been easier to embark on the path to future success. If you are interested in learning more about Bramson ORT or any of the degree programs offered here, you can contact us by completing the online information request form located at:

We know how difficult it can be to take the first steps towards a new career path or educational program, and we are passionate about helping each and every student find the support and resources they need to make a quick and easy transition into student life. Whether this is your first time enrolling in higher education, or simply the right time to resume academic coursework that you have begun previously, Bramson ORT can help!

The world-class education you deserve is just a click away at Bramson ORT College. Talk to our admissions counselors today to learn more about the exciting world of opportunities waiting for you here! We look forward to hearing from you, and are honored that you are considering Bramson ORT for your next steps in higher education!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Earn Your Associates in Game Design and Programming With Bramson ORT College!

Bramson ORT College
69-30 Austin Street, Forest Hills, Queens NY
(718) 261-5800 / (718) 259-5300

Last month, we provided an overview of our Computer Technology department and offered some insight into the different game design concentrations available under this program. Today, we'd like to place our focus on our Game Design and Programming Associates Degree and outline the various opportunities that come with a degree in this field.

Enrollment into our Associates Degree program is open to anyone who would like to pursue a career in the game design industry. Unlike other colleges that have a lengthy list of prerequisites, here at Bramson ORT College, previous experience in game design OR programming is not necessary to be considered! Our only requirement is that students possess a high school diploma or GED prior to registration.

Fast forward to 63 credits later when you can proudly say that you hold an Associates Degree in Game Design and Programming - now what? After completing this 2 year program, students will be fully prepared to enter the game design industry as a video game designer or a multimedia artist/animator; specific positions vary from motion picture to computer systems, advertising and public relations.

For more information on the required courses that prepare students for success in this field, please click here.

Is a career in this industry on your list of things to pursue? Then apply to our Associates program today! For a limited time only, students who apply for the spring semester are eligible to receive $500 in scholarship funds. To be considered, submit your application to our Admissions Office, then enroll and register to our program! To learn more about the registration process and the current scholarship opportunities, visit us on our website or contact us at (718) 261-5800 or (718) 259-5300 today!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Transferring To Bramson ORT College

Bramson ORT College
69-30 Austin Street, Forest Hills, Queens NY
(718) 261-5800 / (718) 259-5300

Students enrolled in a four year college program often feel overwhelmed by the course load and the commitment that is required in order to fulfill their degree requirements. Additionally, students enrolled in a overly populated college tend to miss out on the personal experience that smaller schools bring. Since the transition from high school to college is not always simple, and since students are often not ready to commit to an extended program at such a young age, here at Bramson ORT College, we have made it our priority to create an environment where students can obtain a professional degree in an intimate setting in a shorter amount of time.

As you are reading this, are you nodding your head in agreement with the fact that your current college isn't exactly what you're looking for? Do you feel like you don't get the attention you deserve from your professors? Then it's time for you to start considering other schools!

How To Transfer:

Becoming a transfer student at Bramson ORT College is simple. First, submit your admissions application to our Admissions Office. Then, within 30 days, have a copy of your official transcript sent to our team for review. Once we have received all of your information, we'll be able to determine if previously earned credits are applicable to our course requirements for your desired program. That's it! After you've submitted the correct documentation, we take care of the rest.

Will you be using your holiday break to apply to new schools for the 2015 academic year? Make Bramson ORT College the first school on your list! Our programs range from 15-63 credits and classes are appropriately sized so that you can develop better relationships with fellow classmates and professors. For more information on how to transfer to Bramson ORT, click here or contact us at (718) 261-5800 or (718) 259-5300 today!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Study Tips For Final Exams

Bramson ORT College
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Although this time of year is full of holiday excitement and cheer, for college students, it's also full of late night study sessions and final exams. And since the holidays make for busy schedules due to family get-togethers and other holiday happenings, finding the time to study and study right can be difficult.

At Bramson ORT College, it is our hope that all of our students do exceptionally well on their final exams this year. That's why thanks to Fastweb!, we've put together a list of study tips to help you get through this stressful time of year. Check them out below!
  1. Ask Questions: Before your final class is held, make sure you ask your professor all of your questions! After all, they know what is going to be on the exam, so if there are topics you are still unsure about, it would be in your best interest to bring them up. Chances are, other students in your class have similar concerns too.
  2. Make A Guide: Although flipping through your notebook is easy, it can also be overwhelming when studying. Instead, create a separate study guide that focuses only on the main ideas you need to know for the exam. Then, when you have time, glance over any extra material not covered so that you have a basic understanding of what's left.
  3. Test Yourself: What better way to prepare for an exam than by asking yourself potential questions? As you go through the material, take a minute to quiz yourself and ask yourself questions that you suspect your teacher will include. 
  4. Know The Style: Always keep the style of the test in mind. For example, if it is going to be multiple choice format, then it's likely that you'll need to know definitions and how to apply certain concepts to situations. However, if your exam is to be an essay, then you'll want to prepare examples that pertain to the material.
  5. Pace Yourself: It can be easy to rush through the material if you know you have a lot to study for, but rushing will only hurt you. Rather than speed through your notes in a frenzy, remain calm and take your time; you may even find that creating a study schedule helps you get things done in a more timely fashion.
In addition to these tips, don't forget to get enough rest leading up to the exam. Staying up all night will make it much harder for you to focus at the time when you need to most!

Are you in the middle of preparing for final exams? If you're struggling with any of the material you're required to know, be sure to stop by the Bramson ORT College tutoring center! Our tutoring center staff would be more than happy to go over different concepts with you to ensure that you're fully prepared for the big day. To fill out a tutor request form, visit us in person or click here.

Good luck students!

Why Choose Bramson ORT College?

Bramson ORT College
69-30 Austin Street, Forest Hills, Queens NY
(718) 261-5800 / (718) 259-5300
As the semester comes to an end, are you realizing that your current college just isn't cutting it? Do you feel like transferring for the spring would make your educational experience more worth while? Then don't wait, apply to Bramson ORT College today!

But why?

Here at Bramson ORT College, we've made it our priority to create an experience that leaves students with the knowledge needed to succeed in the career of their choice. Furthermore, since job competition is increasing at a steady rate, we are dedicated to working with our students to find them a position that satisfies their career goals. But that's not all! The following are a few more reasons why you should choose Bramson ORT for your college career:
  1. We offer affordable tuition and a strong Financial Aid team to assist with payment plans and scholarships.
  2. Classes have a small student to teacher ratio to provide a more personal experience.
  3. Each academic program includes hands on training.
  4. Class schedules are flexible to meet the needs of all students.
  5. All of our professors are extremely qualified and have years of experience in their field behind them.
At Bramson ORT College, we realize that success manifests from a quality education, which is why we are dedicated to personalizing the college experience for each of our students in a way that brings them the undivided attention they need to do well in their classes. With a degree from Bramson ORT College on your resume, your future is just moments away.

For more information on our academic departments or to apply for your chance to be a part of the Bramson ORT College community, visit us on our website or contact us at (718) 261-5800 or (718) 259-5300 today!