Monday, May 11, 2015

Bramson ORT College Career Services Workshop Series

We invite you to attend our FREE workshops hosted by Career Services

Workshop 1—Resume and Interview

Date: Sunday, May 17

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Place: Main Campus (Forest Hills, Queens)

Location: 4th Floor

(Report to the receptionist desk to sign in and for room location)

These Career Services Series will help you learn tips with resume content and format, cover letter, and interview "do's" and "don'ts".

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bramson ORT College proudly presents the first ANATOMY QUIZ!

Students of the Medical Department are participating in the first Anatomy Quiz organized by the Medical Department of Bramson ORT College. After an elimination round, 15 students have qualified for the MAIN EVENT.

Event Location and Time:

Main Campus, Forest Hills
Friday (8th May, 2015)
2-4pm in Rooms 5 & 6

The students have been divided into five teams of three members each.

Dr. Emil Asdurian, Dr Shah Alam, and Dr. Moro Sidibe will be the Quiz Masters for the event.


Team A
1. Anna Ivoy
2. Rafide Djonbalaj
3. Gutenberg Castro 

Team B
1. Natalie Woodson
2. Rehana Parvin
3. Candace Salagubang 

Team C
1. Karen Naranjo
2. Ana Jessica Iraeta
3. Anna Matatova 

Team D
1. Saidur Raja
2. Al-Jame Islam
3. Bryan Viveros 

Team E
1. Charmaine Dunnan
2. Malini Soogrim
3. Gloria Rodriguez 

Prizes will be given out to the winning team by the President, Dr. Kanani, and the Dean of Academic Sevices, Ms. Helen Polynsky!

All are invited to be present in the audience!


Createbot Collaborates with Bramson ORT College on Cutting Edge 3D Printing Projects and Training

NEW YORK, NY – Bramson ORT College had entered into a collaboration agreement with a leading Chinese 3D printing manufacturer that will offer 3D printers and accessories to its cutting edge Game Design Program. Mr. Zhang Wenyi, the president and CEO of Yueqing Kanin Electric Co.,Ltd (, with offices in Ningbo and Wuhan in China, donated one of its premier generation 3D printer machines to the college. This is expected to be the first contribution of many 3D printers and 3D pens to the school in the coming years. Bramson ORT College expects to use the software application for the machines to train its students on this cutting edge technology. The students and faculty are excited about the opportunity. Game design and graphic design students were introduced to the latest 3D printing methods and technology during a field trip to the April 17th, 2015 3D Printing Conference and Expo at the Javits Center in New York City.

The president of the college, Dr. David Kanani, Ph.D. EECS, thanked Mr. Zhang Wenyi and said, “Bramson ORT College is lucky to have been able to form this collaborative working relationship, and we view it as a win for the school, a win for the company and a definite win for our students!” Professor Dominika Juraszek, the coordinator of the graphic design and gaming design program said, “The benefit to our students is tremendous. Our program is designed to take advantage of the latest cutting edge technologies and teach students the latest skills required by the industry. The partnership with Createbot is hugely beneficial to our students. I am looking forward to expanding it in the future.”

Bramson ORT College

Bramson ORT College is affiliated with World ORT, one of the largest non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations in the world. Established 135 years ago, this worldwide network of schools, colleges, training centers, and programs has educated more than three million people throughout the world. The mission of Bramson ORT College explains the nurturing culture and friendly atmosphere students find on campus. The primary focus of the organization is to serve underprivileged and underrepresented students through a college level education in order to prepare them for challenging employment opportunities and to make them positive contributors to society. Bramson ORT College offers a focused and practical education in accounting, business management, game design, graphic design, computer information systems, electronics technology, medical studies, and paralegal studies. 

The Game Design and Programming Degree and Certificate Program at the college is one of the few well-rounded programs that offer courses in 3D modeling and animation using Autodesk Maya industry software, Unity3D, C++ Programming, Game Software Engineering, Game Engine Architecture, Game Programming Direct3D, Al Game Development, Game Audio Development, Java Games, Multiplayer Game Programming, Mobile Application Development, Game Console Programming and Programming Linux Games. These courses are designed to prepare students in many game design genres and platforms by focusing on both the technical and creative end of this growing and multi-faced field. Courses in digital animation, 3D character development and modeling, level design, interactive game storytelling, and light rendering add to the uniqueness of this program. Liberal Arts courses are also required such as Physics for Game Developers, Math for Game Developers and additional elective Liberal Arts courses for the degree program. The college offers career internships and job placement assistance through the Career Services Department, as well as free tutoring for all students. For more information contact the Bramson ORT College Admissions Office at or call 718-261-5800 today!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

International Student Initiative

World ORT has a long and proud tradition of welcoming and educating people from all over the world. Bramson ORT College is continuing that tradition in the United States and its mission by pursuing a new initiative to recruit and educate students from all over the world in the melting pot of the United States – New York City.

Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, who was attending the opening of an ORT facility in South Africa, referred to ORT as an institution that helps individuals grow and become an asset to their community and country.  The new International Student Initiative is in keeping with the past initiatives that Nelson Mandela referred to.  He said, “One tool that will enable people to rise above their circumstances is education, particularly education that leads to the acquisition of useful and marketable skills.”   He also stated, “Technology education is the foundation stone on which we must build… ORT’s initiative could not therefore have come at a better time.”

Our first regional initiative is Africa. According to UNESCO, around two-thirds of the population in Africa is under 25-years-old, a vast majority lack higher education and job skills. Contributing to African youth high unemployment, is the dearth of colleges and technical schools needed to train young people in today’s competitive technological market place.

Irina Bokova, the Director General of UNESCO said, “The best answer to youth unemployment is to ensure that young people acquire the basic skills and relevant training they need to enter the world of work with confidence. Many youth, and women in particular, need to be offered alternative pathways to education, so that they gain the skills to earn a living, live in dignity and contribute to their communities and societies.”

Bramson ORT College is recruiting students from a number of African countries beginning with Ghana. Ghana is the initial pilot country, because of the high youth population who do not have access to higher education in Ghana or abroad. Bramson ORT College will give African students affordable education packages to attend 2-year programs and receive an Associate Degree, enabling them to achieve the education and skills needed for the job market, to go back home to work, start a business, teach or transfer to a 4-year college in the U.S. to further their education. Bramson ORT has a fast track three semester program allowing students to complete a degree program in 18 months.

Bramson ORT College offers a quality education at an affordable price, additionally a number of scholarship opportunities exist for those who demonstrate a strong academic potential. Bramson Ort has also assigned a dedicated Admissions Advisor to help International students navigate the school application process and the visa application process. The admission office can be contacted at 718 261-5800 extension 1010, or contact

Louis K Fosu is a consultant to the College for the African initiative. Mr. Fosu is a foreign policy expert for Africa, works as a consultant advising African officials, U.S. government officials, and NGOs. Louis Fosu received his B.A., from the John Jay College-CUNY, M.B.A. from Pace University, and Juris Doctorate from Georgetown Law School.

Louis Fosu can be reached at +1-202-406-0911 /          

Associate Recruiter for Ghana is Portia Boateng. Ms. Boateng’s goal in life is to improve the lives of those less fortunate.  As a recent graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where she received her B.Sc., Portia Boateng teaches integrated science to high schools students about to enter college, and works at a community college in student accounts and career counseling. It is her goal to recruit many highly qualified students to study at Bramson ORT College in the United States.

Portia Boateng can be reached at +233-208-440-032 /

Applications are being accepted now for the Fall 2015 semester Bramson ORT College is looking forward to welcoming all of our new students and friends.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Distinguish Yourself As An Administrative Assistant With the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration of our A.O.S. Degree

Administrative assistants form the backbone of a countless array of business around the world. As the US economy continues to develop and become even more integrated with other global entities, the demand for competent and efficient administrative assistants will continue to rise. Due to the inherent flexibility of this particular profession, skilled administrative assistants can find their own enriching niche within the industry of their choice, working alongside professionals with whom they share interests and passions.

At Bramson ORT, students can benefit from the knowledge and insight of skilled faculty who bring their own professional wisdom gained through years of real-world business experience to the classroom. After completing the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration of Bramson ORT’s Associate of Occupational Science degree, students will be fully prepared to make the transition from student life to working life. Graduates of the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration are now currently employed by businesses and health-related professional organizations across the country.

Defining the Role of Administrative Assistants

The key function of administrative assistants is typically to offer expedient logistical support to colleagues and business professionals. This type of support could take the form of data entry, word processing, online scheduling, office record management and a variety of other critical tasks. In today’s era of cutting-edge cloud technology, administrative assistants are often called on to share crucial business data with employees and decision makers around the globe. Ultimately, administrative assistants service as a crucial foundation on which the success of a business enterprise is often built.

Those individuals who have enrolled in the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration at Bramson ORT will be uniquely prepared to handle the wide array of tasks and challenges that present themselves within the medical industry. Students who have completed the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration will be able to quickly integrate themselves into medical practices and other health-related organizations across the country. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for administrative assistants is expected to grow in line with national averages. Those who do choose to receive specialized education in this particular field are likely to quickly distinguish themselves in job applications and interviews. There is often ample room for growth and career development for experienced, skilled administrative assistants. Those who have demonstrated a successful record of administrative assistance are likely to be offered positions overseeing larger teams while assuming a broader array of responsibilities.

The Advantage of Bramson ORT’s Professional Billing and Coding Concentration

Given the fact that today’s technology seems to evolve at a more rapid pace than anyone could have ever imagined, it is essential that students who are planning on becoming high-functioning office assistants be well versed in the software and utilities that will allow them to perform their duties in line with industry standards.

The Professional Billing and Coding Concentration of Bramson ORT’s Associate of Occupational Science degree features a unique and challenging curriculum which ensures that students have all of the knowledge they need to ensure rewarding employment following graduation. Examples of classes included in the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration include:

     Principles of Accounting
     Advanced Computer Applications
     Secretarial Practices
     Medical Terminology
     Advanced ICD CM Coding

One of the most valuable elements of the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration curriculum is the opportunity to experience a real-world internship, which ensures that the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom can be practiced and explored in a professional, results-oriented setting. Future job seekers who are passionate about setting themselves above their competitors in the professional setting can use this internship opportunity to ensure that their credentials are outstanding when it comes time for their first interview.

 Apply Now!

Students can enroll in the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration of Bramson ORT’s Associate of Occupational Science degree through both the Queens and Brooklyn campuses of the college. This helps to ensure that those students who may have pre-existing work or personal commitments can still pursue the education they desire.

With some of the lowest tuition rates in the states and generous financial aid, Bramson ORT remains true to its original goal of providing an outstanding education to all individuals, regardless of their financial status. If you are interested in learning more about the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration at Bramson ORT, you can contact us here! We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gain The Skills You Need For A Rewarding Career As A Pharmacy Technician at Bramson ORT!

As the number of senior citizens with increased healthcare needs in America continues to rise, many industry experts are expecting that the medical infrastructure of the United States is set to expand significantly. This trend, combined with recent shifts in health insurance policy, has created a substantial need for individuals who have the skills and experience to work competently in the healthcare industry.

At Bramson ORT, we’ve designed our Pharmacy Technician Associate of Applied Science degree to provide students with an exceptional array of academic and real-world training opportunities. For those who have a passion for service and a strong work ethic, the Pharmacy Technician AAS degree is guaranteed to open doors and paves the way for a rewarding professional career.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a  Pharmacy Technician

The primary role of the pharmacy technician within a working pharmacy is to provide logistical support to the licensed pharmacist, either by dispensing prescription medication or conversing with customers visiting the pharmacy. Given the fact that pharmacies are located throughout the country in venues ranging from hospitals to grocery stores, the number of professional opportunities available to pharmacy technicians is quite high.

For some individuals, the role of pharmacy technician serves merely as a stepping stone along a more extensive professional path. Those who have first distinguished themselves as pharmacy technicians have later assumed related positions and various other roles, including lab medical assistants, outpatient care center assistants, and medical secretaries. As you can see, the skills gained by pharmacy technicians are needed in a variety of health-related professions!

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for pharmacy technicians over the next decade is expected to increase 20%, substantially higher than the national average. Because of this, a career as a pharmacy technician is likely to offer increased job security and stability, both of which are invaluable in today’s volatile economy.

With Bramson ORTs Pharmacy Technician AAS degree, students can quickly learn and master the skills and concepts they need to succeed in this exciting profession!

What Makes Bramson ORT’s Pharmacy Technician AAS Degree Unique?

Real-world experience is just as important as academic coursework when it comes to applying for a job. Employers are seeking candidates who can quickly integrate themselves into their new working environment after being hired. At Bramson ORT, we’ve developed our Pharmacy Technician AAS degree program in such a way as to ensure that graduates can immediately distinguish themselves during their first job interview.
Core curriculum within the program includes, among other classes:

         ●     Pharmacy Calculations
         ●     Pharmacology
         ●     Anatomy and Physiology
         ●     Medical Terminology

In addition to academic studies, students enrolled in the program are given the opportunity to complete a professional internship prior to graduation. This period of professional immersion will prove to be invaluable during job interviews, as employers often look favorably on those who have taken the initiative to seek out an internship program during their academic studies.

Students can enroll in the Pharmacy Technician AAS degree program at Bramson ORT’s Brooklyn and Queens locations. This flexibility will prove to be ideal for those students who, due to other commitments, may not be able to commute long distances for classes.
The program is currently open to all students who currently hold a high school diploma or GED. An additional list of enrollment requirements can be found on Bramson ORT’s Admissions Office website.

Apply Now!

A large number of our graduates have reconnected with our faculty and staff in recent years, telling them how successful they have become due to the education they received at Bramson ORT. We have long held the belief that a premier educational experience should be available to all students, regardless of their financial status. Our policies have been designed around this core value, and we currently provide extensive financial assistance and support to those students who need it!

With some of the lowest tuition rates in the state, Bramson ORT is the perfect option for those individuals who are passionate about finding a rewarding career and are committed to succeeding in a fast-paced, intensive academic environment. Our alumni currently live and work in major cities around the country and world!

Thanks to flexible enrollment deadlines, you can embark on the path to academic success at Bramson ORT whenever you are ready. If you have any questions about the admission process, or are ready to begin your application, you can do so here.  All of us here at Bramson ORT are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our community.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bramson ORT’s Paralegal Associate Degree Is Your Path Into The Legal Community

Students who have been looking for the opportunity to take their first steps into the legal profession will find that Bramson ORT’s Paralegal Associate Degree provides the perfect combination of theoretical classroom education and practical knowledge that will allow them to immediately enter the workforce as competent professionals. Graduates of the Paralegal Associate Degree program now occupy positions with distinguished law firms and other established businesses across the country.

Introducing The Paralegal Profession

Paralegals provide critical administrative support for lawyers, particularly in situations where extensive research and document creation/organization is required. It is interesting to note that paralegals can be found in a wide variety of organizations and businesses, including private law firms, the legal departments of large corporations, as well as various government agencies.

Although the demands of the working paralegal may be heavy, those employed in this profession benefit from relatively stable job security and a rewarding salary. According to the United States Department of Labor, the paralegal field will grow approximately 17% through the year 2022, well above the national average for the vast majority of professions. Industry experts predict that paralegals who are well versed in current computer skills and industry software will have the best chances of securing rewarding employment that fully utilizes their current skills. The current median wage for paralegals is approximately $46,990, significantly higher than the national average.

Given the fact that the path towards a career as a paralegal only requires an Associate’s degree or formal certification in paralegal studies, the Paralegal Associate Degree at Bramson ORT is perfect for both new students and mid-career professionals who are looking to begin a new career as quickly as possible.

Why Bramson ORT’s Paralegal Associate’s Program?

We believe strongly that success in the real world requires an educational curriculum that is not only state-of-the-art, but also taught by individuals who have extensive experience in their profession. Currently, our Paralegal Associate’s Degree program includes coursework in:

     Real Estate law
     Legal Research
     Law Office Practice

Students will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily operations of a professional law firm by embarking upon a legal internship. It is here that they will be able to effectively merge their academic training with the real-world skills introduced to them by their professors. Graduates of the program will have had the opportunity to distinguish themselves in both an academic and professional setting before they begin to seek employment.

Additionally, students who are interested in attending the Paralegal Associate Program at Bramson ORT can do so from either the Queens or Brooklyn campus. This convenient arrangement is ideal for those who may be juggling work commitments alongside their educational goals. Thanks to a rolling admissions process, prospective students can begin their application at a time that is truly convenient for them!

The only prerequisites required for admittance into the Paralegal Associate Degree program at Bramson ORT are a high school diploma or GED. Those students who may have additional questions about the program are advised to contact an admissions counselor at their earliest convenience. These individuals can work with students to ensure that they have all of the information they need make an informed enrollment decision.

Apply Today!

At Bramson ORT, we are committed to ensuring that a student’s financial background should not be the decisive factor which determines whether or not they can receive a high quality college education. Thanks to our generous financial aid packages and low-cost tuition, graduates of Bramson ORT will be able to immediately begin searching for their dream job without being saddled with crippling student loan debt!

Enrollment for the Summer 2015 semester is just around the corner! If you’ve decided that Bramson ORT’s Paralegal Associate Degree is right for you, there’s no need to wait before enrolling!

For those who are interested in learning more about Bramson ORT, as well as future students who are ready to begin the application process, additional information can be found here.

Now is the time to achieve the academic goals you have always dreamed of! The faculty and staff at Bramson ORT look forward to welcoming you to our academic community! Contact us today!