Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Transfer to Bramson ORT College!

Are you currently enrolled in another institution, but aren't satisfied with the education you're receiving? At Bramson ORT, we can provide what you're looking for! We gladly accept transfer students into all of our academic programs, as long as the proper credentials are provided during the application process!

To apply as a transfer student, it is your responsibility to have your official transcript sent to our Registrar's office within 30 days of submitting the Admissions Application. Additionally, you must list any and all post-secondary institutions that you've attended on the application in order to be considered.

A common concern among most transfer students is whether or not their previously earned credits will be accepted. At Bramson ORT College, we require that an official course description be submitted with your transcript, in order for us to determine if your credits will count towards a degree. All requested credits are reviewed by the Office of the Dean of Academic Services.

For more information on how to become a transfer student at Bramson ORT, click here or contact us today at (718) 261-5800 for our Queen campus or (718) 259-5300 for our Brooklyn campus!

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