Thursday, July 3, 2014

Are You Considering Transferring To Another College?

Have you finished another unsatisfying semester of college?  If you’re underwhelmed by your course of study or unhappy with your campus location, consider transferring to Bramson ORT College!  We make it easy to switch schools and begin on a new educational journey.

Why transfer to Bramson ORT College?  We’re an accredited, not-for-profit technical college offering affordable tuition.  Eighty percent of our graduates are placed in their related fields with professional jobs, and we provide individual career preparation and assistance.  We keep classes small and have state-of-the-art equipment.  Plus, we have two great locations in Brooklyn and Queens, New York.

Here’s how to transfer to Bramson ORT College:

  1. Complete the Admissions Application and send it to the Bramson ORT College’s Admissions Office
  2. Arrange for the College Registrar to receive an official transcript of your previous college record within 30 days of submitting your Admissions Application
    *Note: Failure to list all previously attended institutions of higher learning may be considered a cause for disciplinary action
  3. Be prepared to present a valid Picture ID in order to take the Entrance Exam

Once we’ve received your transcript, you may receive a preliminary evaluation from the Registrar that shows whether a course taken at another degree-granting post-secondary institution meets the criteria for transfer.  The credits we assign you may be used in determining your course registration and financial aid.

What are you waiting for?  Transfer to Bramson ORT College and gain the skills you need to prepare for a successful future!  Learn more about transferring at our website.

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