Thursday, April 24, 2014

Transfer to Bramson ORT College Today!

Are you looking for a school that better fits your academic needs? Transfer to Bramson ORT College today!

After you decide Bramson ORT is the college for you, you must then send an official transcript of your previous college records to the College Registrar. The official transcript is to be sent to the college within thirty days after submitting an Admission Application. Make sure you list all previously attended institutions on the application, if you fail to do so, you will be penalized for this lock of disclosure.

All transfer students must provide the following documents:
1. An official copy of the student’s college transcript.
2.An official course description from the college catalog.

All transfer students are required to present a transcript of all courses completed at the post-secondary institution during registration. At registration, all transfer students will receive an evaluation that shows which courses from your other institutions will be accepted at Bramson. This will determine the student’s course registration and financial aid status.

Credits that are transferred should have a grade of C or better from the last institution. If a course is part of the required major course of study, it must have been completed within the five-year period in order to be accepted as a transfer credit. The office of the Dean of Academic Services will determine which are course credits are transferable.

Bramson ORT College has various degree and certificate programs, available both on campus and online. For more information on Bramson ORT College, we encourage you to give us a call today or visit us online at

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