Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What areas of the law do Paralegal Students study at Bramson ORT College?

What areas of the law do Paralegal Students study at Bramson ORT College?
This week's article is submitted by 
Professor Benjamin Lavin, Esq. of the Paralegal Department.
In this class we cover many topics that students find relevant to their lives.  We study marriage, pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements, divorce, alimony, palimony, child support, custody among other topics.  One subject that brings about lively discussion is the increasingly popular pre-nuptial agreement.  No longer reserved only for the rich and famous, pre-nuptial agreements are now entered into by a large number of “regular” people.  Students are particularly interested in this vehicle for protecting themselves from aggravation and expensive litigation if a marriage should fail.

In this course we learn about negligence and other torts and how the law measures damages when someone has a personal injury claim.  Students become highly involved when we discuss the subject of self-defense.  Talking about the George Zimmerman/Travon Martin case, almost every student had a strong opinion about the case.  We pointed out that Zimmerman was acquitted by the jury after claiming that he was apprehensive about suffering personal injury or death.  However, based upon the same facts, Travon Martin’s family made a civil claim for damages for his death and was awarded $1,000,000.   

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