Friday, November 1, 2013

Bramson ORT’s Notable Faculty Have a Passion For Teaching

When asked what career he would pursue if he had a chance to go back in time, Professor Waxman replied, “I would not change anything. I feel very fortunate to be teaching at Bramson ORT College, for it gives me the opportunity to help many students achieve their goals.” One prime example of how Professor Waxman helped students achieve their goals was the creation of The Game Design A.A.S. Degree Program at Bramson ORT College. Professor Waxman worked together with Computer Technology & Electronics Coordinator, Damindra Persaud, to design a new program for Game Design. However, Professor Waxman had another motivation in mind, “I have a son who loves to play games and I wanted to create a program that was more than just teaching programming. The goal was to create a Game Design Program that teaches creativity. Bramson ORT’s Game Design students have to create a professional portfolio. Since there are many students that play video games, there is a natural attraction to go into an industry that will give them pleasure and earn them a living at the same time.”

“As a Computer Science Professor, I don't just teach students how to program. My goal is to help students develop a passion for programming and learning,” stated Professor Waxman, who helped develop the Cisco Networking Program that leads to certification. Both the Game Design and Cisco Networking Programs will help students obtain high paying employment in a tough economy. The introductory courses are designed for students with no prior knowledge of programming. Since all calculations are done using the computer, students do not need advanced mathematical skills. The Cisco curriculum gives students the opportunity to get hands-on training with a combination of programming and networking skills. Cisco routers can be programmed to solve networking issues, including high-speed transmissions and remote data applications, Local Area Networks, and Wide Area Networks. The world depends on Cisco systems for networking. Cisco is a leading indicator in terms of economic growth. Professor Waxman assisted with the development of the Renewable Energy and Graphic Design Programs as well. As a goal for the future, he would like to see Bramson ORT become a four-year college. In his view, most of the students would like to obtain a four-year B.S. or B.A. degree from Bramson ORT College. The good news is that most of our students can transfer their credits to institutions of higher learning upon graduation. Many of our students gain employment in their field of study thanks to the great work of our Career Services Department that assists with internship and job placement opportunities. Bramson ORT College has over 80% graduate job placement rate! Now that is above the average.

Professor Waxman grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He has a B.A. degree from Brooklyn College in Speech with a minor in Mathematics, a M.S. degree in Mathematics and Education from Richmond College, and a P.D. degree in Educational Administration from St. John’s University where he is currently enrolled in an Administration Doctoral Program, which he intends to complete by the end of the year. His mathematics achievements include a license in mathematics and an appointment to ESEA Title 1 Corrective Mathematics Program. In this capacity, he screened and implemented remedial mathematics programs for Catholic schools and Yeshivas for 12 years and was the Assistant Principal for mathematics in Dewitt Clinton High School, where he witnessed improved student mathematics scores. Professor Waxman was a treasurer in Bayside High School and taught English, math, computers, and speech at Breuer's High School, as well as mathematics at Yeshiva University High School. His vast educational experience makes him one of Bramson ORT’s most accomplished faculty members. His computer science achievements include a Mellon Scholar in Computer Sciences, writing the AP Computer Science curriculum and becoming the computer coordinator for D.C.H.S., while at the same time becoming the president of the Computer Coordinators Association for the Bronx and associating with Mercy College Computer Science Department. In 1997 he became a Professor at Bramson ORT College. In addition, his speech pathology expertise led him to be associated with the NYIT Speech Department. He is also an expert in writing, research, and educational administration and curriculum construction. He has a license in administration supervision through the superintendent of schools. With his extensive technical and educational background, Professor Waxman is one of the driving forces behind Bramson ORT’s Computer Science Department. At Bramson ORT College, the faculty and staff reflect high educational standards and leadership in their fields.

In addition to the Computer Technology and Electronics Degree Programs, the college offers degrees in Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Paralegal, Accounting, Business Management, Business Management Online, Office Technology, Graphic Design Concentration and much more! For more information about the college’s Computer Networking, Programing, Gaming, Electronics, and Renewable Energy Programs visit or contact an Admissions Specialist at 718-261-5800.  For a limited time, the college is offering a $500 scholarship towards student’s tuition!  Start your new career by calling to enroll today!

- Interviewed by Bramson ORT Student, Abraham Strauss

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