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The medical industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century and it has been reported that the employment of Medical Assistants is expected to grow tremendously as the health service industry expands.  Bramson ORT’s Career Services Department assists students with job and internship placement in different medical fields.  The small class size, affordable tuition, and community atmosphere allows students to get the hands-on training they need to help them succeed in the “Real World.”  Bramson ORT’s educational success is reflected in the many testimonials and student stories such as this one:

“My name is Shneur Silverstein. I’m seventeen years old, with six siblings. Bramson ORT College has helped me get a GED as well as a Medical Assistant Associate Degree. Being one of seven children is very difficult financially on my parents. Bramson ORT College helped me get the financial aid needed to continue my education.  The money your organization gave me towards my education allowed me to go to college. So thank you very much because without your help I would still be uneducated and facing low paying employment. This has afforded me a chance to go further in the medical field and opened up many opportunities.”

- Shneur Silverstein
Medical Assistant Student at Bramson ORT College


I was born in Noakhali Bangladesh.  In 2001, I came to the USA with hopes and dreams of becoming a millionaire at the age of nineteen. Ever since I came to America, my goal was to go to school and get my degree.  They say education is the great equalizer and the way to success. Bramson ORT College made this dream possible for me!

I worked for a bank from 2005 to 2010. After seeing a newspaper ad about the school, I enrolled as a business management major at Bramson ORT in 2010. I chose Bramson ORT, because Bramson ORT chose me as a student without seeing my color or nationality.  The college made me feel like I was part of the family and community. I felt challenged by the academic rigor offered in the classes. I was able to gain extensive knowledge about a variety of subjects such as Accounting, Economics, Business Communications and Statistics.  My instructors were excellent and always ready to provide me with additional help if I did not grasp the material. The college provided free tutoring and career internship programs. The additional personalized assistance allowed me to excel in my classes and beyond. Also, I enjoyed making many connections with the other Bramson ORT students. They are intelligent, hard working, and eager to help others. I appreciated the small class size, which enabled me to develop good relationships with my professors and classmates.

Lastly, I appreciated Bramson ORT's administration and staff. When I had difficulties paying for my tuition in the last semester, the Bursar's Office worked out a payment plan and provided a partial scholarship for me. I am indebted to the school for believing in me and my future potential.  I will never forget Bramson ORT as I continue to build my career in the financial industry.  I remain connected with their Alumni LinkedIn and Facebook networking sites.

Currently, I am studying towards a Bachelor of Business Administration at Baruch College. My goal is to finish my Bachelors Degree by 2014.  I belong to a club at Baruch where we raise funds for public schools.  My participation in the club has fulfilled my desires to help others.  My future goal is to work for Grameen Bank and help lower income people. Baruch is my dream school and Bramson ORT made that possible by preparing me for a higher education and the “Real World.” I am currently working my other dream job as a business manager.  If I can do it, I know anyone can!

-Rema A.
(Business Management Graduate, 2012)


In the ever-changing and challenging world of technology, very few individuals have the opportunity to receive truly personalized and high-quality training. I was very fortunate to have that opportunity at Bramson ORT College.
Soon after graduating high school, I had to make a tough decision that would, as I found out, forever change my life. Choosing a higher education path was not an easy task, but I decided to choose a college that would provide a foundation to fulfill my dreams.
I was looking for a college that would help me develop my technical skills and guide me in the correct direction. After applying to various universities and colleges, and taking entrance exams, I chose Bramson ORT College because it was the perfect fit for my needs. I enrolled in the Electronics Technology Program but switched to the Computer Technology Program because I was able to get hands-on training with computers and that opened a whole new world of possibilities.

At Bramson ORT College, I received a solid foundation in the field of Information Technology.  My professors were very helpful and provided real-world scenarios in the classroom. I was also very fortunate to have access to additional student resources, such as a well-stocked library and state-of-the-art computer labs, career and internship placement, and free tutoring that was always available. In addition to classroom training, I started working as an assistant in the Computer Technology Department and eventually worked my way up to being employed by Bramson ORT College as a Network/Systems Administrator.
The education I received at Bramson ORT provided a strong foundation, and I was able to further my studies to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. More importantly, I made valuable connections during my time at Bramson ORT College. I started my own Technology Consulting Business and many of my clients can be traced back to the college. It is thanks to the skills gained during my education, that I am now a successful business owner.  I am grateful and very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful and caring organization. To show my appreciation, I currently work as a consultant to the college, giving back with hopes that it will generate more success stories.  I recommend this college for anyone who is serious about their career goals and dreams and wants to get their foot in the door!   

Best Regards,
- Mohan D.   
Information Technology Graduate, 1998)

Great team spirit and a calling for community service are just a few of the many great things about Bramson ORT College. A few months ago, Bramson ORT Students and Staff gathered canned goods, supplies, and clothing to donate to those less fortunate struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Students teamed up with staff at the New York City Rescue Mission to donate goods and serve food to those in need. The New York City Rescue Mission is located at 90 Lafayette Street. The center has been providing assistance to those in crisis since 1872. Each day, vans drop off donated food, clothing, and supplies to areas most impacted by the storm, such as Coney Island, Far Rockaway, and Long Island. In addition to the on-field work, the center provides meals to those who have lost their homes or need a place to get back on their feet. The New York City Rescue Mission's staff is like a big family. They were very friendly and appreciative of Bramson ORT's Student volunteers. In the end, the community service was one of the most heart-warming events of the year. Students were able to contribute to a great cause and learn a whole lot from the experience. To view more pictures from the volunteer event click on the link:


"I saw the ad for Bramson ORT College while I was visiting NYC with my mom. I was just discussing with her that I was interested in going back to school for web design when I saw the sign, so I took it as a sign. I called Bramson ORT College when I went back to Canada and asked them about international visa, what I would need to enroll and how I can study the program and make the transition to move to NYC.

The staff were extremely helpful at the college, so I applied. I also wondered how I would be able to support myself in NYC without being able to work for the 2 year program. I went to the OSAP website (which is part of the Canadian Student Loan), and found out they also fund for students studying outside of Canada as long as the school first gets approved by them. I applied for the school to get approved (this took about 3 months), the school was approved, and now OSAP funds Bramson ORT College, as long as the school maintains this eligibility every year onwards. Now students can find Bramson ORT while registering for a student loan on the OSAP website.

Once I got accepted into Bramson ORT College, they sent me an I-20 after I paid my deposit for classes. Originally, I called the US Embassy to make an appointment for a visa interview, they told me that there is no interview for Canadian citizens and I can just take my I-20, SEVIS fee receipt, proof of ties to Canada to any US Port of Entry. I was driving into NYC with my family with my I-20 and the border officials brought me inside, took the I-20 and my passport to basically process it for student visa. They simply asked me about my program and where I plan on staying during my study course. I gave them a relatives address and mentioned I will stay there until I find my own place or a roommate. They also asked how I plan to support myself while I am there, and I simply said I have a Canadian student loan and also my family will help me. They simply stamped the F-1 Visa on my passport, and I paid a $5 fee and then came to NYC.

I have now begun my studies at Bramson ORT College, and have been productively learning Computer and Internet Programming. The staff here were completely helpful in terms of helping me find accommodations, filling out any student loan documents and ensuring a positive experience in my course.

There are many opportunities for Canadians to study, learn and also participate in OPT programs while they are in school in NYC. NYC is convenient to live in as trains go everywhere, and it is a great place to build experience while studying."

- Sania K.
Computer Programming & Web Design Student at Bramson ORT College


Alexandra Ziscovici is a recent graduate from Syracuse University and a participant in Harvard University’s International Law Program.  Now as one of the top liberal arts college graduates, enrolling in a technical school. Why are so many liberal arts college graduates enrolling in technical colleges? Technical schools such as Bramson ORT College offer Professional Retraining Programs that enhance students’ skills by offering hands-on and marketable trades in today’s tough job market.  Read Alexandra’s story below and discover the benefits of joining an in-demand degree program today!

There are many reasons why a technical school education is appealing to a liberal arts graduate such as myself.I find the necessity to sharpen what I lacked in my education- a trade! In this job market, competition is at its peak.  To assure oneself a trade is the smartest thing one can do.  I majored in French and International Relations.  What can I declare at the end of my four years of study? I submerged my life in academia, but has it helped me find a job? Students across the nation are asking the same question.  This is where a polytechnic education comes in handy.  It will give you the key to not only apply what you learned with your Bachelors Degree, but also help your coveted eloquence and technical training stand out in the competitive job-market. You can prove what you know in theory with the hands-on experience that many employers perceive as desirable.

Having received a diverse and international education, I now want to go back to school to compliment my knowledge with the skills that are sought after in high demand.  We are living in the digital age, surrounded by constantly changing technology.  If you are not on the computer, then your business is already antiquated.  I know that I can acquire an advanced technical skill-set by returning to a (technical) school and learning computer operations, programming, graphic design, game design, and all things that are most importantly, in-demand.  It’s never too late.  Technical schools with retraining programs such as Bramson ORT College offer hands-on skills in addition to internship and job placement assistance.

In many ways, technical schools can teach you practicality.  You would be learning a set of skills that help prepare you for the “real world.”  New jobs are surfacing and old ones are constantly updating their staff.  This is where a technical institute will distinguish you from the rest.  In today’s economy, many employers require HTML proficiency, knowledge of programming, experience in user-interface, web design, renewable energy technology, and many more. Liberal arts students can explore and sharpen their skill-set by enrolling in a technical college.  In most cases, liberal arts credits can be transferred towards the new degree.  Private non-for-profit community schools, such as Bramson ORT, keep the tuition low and the hours flexible, so education is affordable and accessible.  Discover the opportunities waiting for you!  

Call 718.261.5800  to learn more about the Bramson ORT Retraining Program and how you can transfer your credits. View the list of Degree Programs we offer:

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In today's tough economy, Medical Assistants are still in high demand. Medical Assistants maintain the offices of physicians, other health practitioners, and hospitals by performing routine clinical and administrative tasks.

According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, Medical Assistants Jobs are to grow over 31% over the next few years (much faster than average). This is a rapidly growing field particularly because medical offices are seeing more patients and growing their practices.

Bramson ORT College offers complete Medical Assistant Programs up to the latest industry standards. Many students get their degree in less than two years. Students will feel confident by taking the knowledge they have acquired at Bramson ORT into the workplace. In fact, the Medical Assistant Degree Program is one of the most popular at the school. With enrollment growing in high-demand fields such as this, Bramson ORT College offers career internships and job placement assistance to complement the hands-on classroom experience. The tuition is affordable and the schedule is flexible providing weekend and evening classes. Change your future today and enroll in a degree program that can make a difference! Bramson ORT College also offers Medical Billing and Coding and Pharmacy Technician Associate Degrees. Many of our students get "real world" experience through our internship programs!

For more information on medical careers:

To enroll in one of our in-demand degree programs visit the main Bramson ORT College website:

Recently, Bramson ORT College started the Visiting Artist's Workshop and Lecture Series, as part of the Graphic and Game Design Program. Ms. Bethany Fancher, a contemporary artist based in Queens, shared her lighting and art experience during one of the workshops. Ms.Fancher showcased her sculpture work and discussed the importance of excellent online portfolio presentations for those who want to pursue art and design careers. During the workshop, students were able to see some of the design and video work created by orphans in India who studied under Ms.Fancher.

Ms. Fancher, who currently showcases her work nationally and internationally, with work on tour in London, Paris, Sydney and Shanghai, discussed the challenges and joys of taking on a career in the arts. As a student, she attended the Art Students League and the Empire State College Studio Program, as well as art residencies in Connecticut, Wyoming, North Carolina, and India. Using various mediums, she described the gravitas of life as an authentic being in an ever pervasively manufactured world.

Ms. Fancher makes sculptures of wool, takes a long horse trek, intermixes body parts, and tricks peoples’ perceptions with her surreal approach. During the art and design workshop, she discussed the importance of lighting in art and design. Students enjoyed learning hands-on from a current working artist. The workshop was a success with more visiting artists to come! Bramson ORT College offers numerous web design, animation, and graphic design courses. Students have the opportunity to learn design using some of the latest industry software such as Autodesk Maya and Adobe Design Suite.
For more information visit!


Business Management Major at Bramson ORT College

My name is Marina.  In 2005, my family and I immigrated to Russia.  In 2009, we came to the United States.  In 2010, we settled in New York. The experience of two immigrations gave me an opportunity to meet people from different cultures and to get to know different traditions.  At first, it was very difficult adjusting to New York life.  The process of adaptation, including searching for jobs, the language barrier, and my nostalgia for family and friends, served as an obstacle.  I was ready to work hard and take on the challenge by continuing my education.

I discovered Bramson ORT College while my mother and I were exploring our new neighborhood.  We were passing by Austin Street and noticed Bramson ORT College signs. I had a big aspiration to continue my education in the U.S.A.  I wanted to improve my English and advance my knowledge and professional skills. Bramson ORT College seemed like the place for me.  I decided to attend the college because of its diversity and multicultural environment that reminded me of my immigrant background.  I also decided to attend Bramson ORT College because it reflects an atmosphere of acceptance, comfort, and support. Professors and counselors closely guide me through all my educational goals and help me progress to the next level. My College helped me transition and gave me the preparation for the real world needed in today’s economy.

Currently, I am in the process of finishing the required curriculum to complete my Business Management Associate Degree at Bramson ORT College. I am also working at the Financial Aid Office as an advisor assisting students with financial aid.  Bramson ORT College gave me an opportunity to fulfill my goals.  It has been a tremendously positive step towards improving my future and has helped me succeed.   My next step is to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree.  With a 4.0 GPA, I was accepted to one of the top Business Programs at Baruch College.  Bramson ORT College will always stay in my heart and memories as a second home here in America!

I had a great time participating at Washington DC's General World Assembly.  It was great fun to present my marketing products and meet other international students part of the ORT school network!

- Marina B.
Business Major at Bramson ORT College

Bramson ORT's Top Game Design & Graphic Design Students Go To Washington DC to Present Their Work at the ORT General Assembly!

My name is Aleksey. I attend Bramson ORT College in Forest Hills, New York. My goal is to become a web and graphic designer. When I fist started taking classes at Bramson ORT College, I knew nothing about web or graphic design. ORT gave me a great introduction to the field of study that will be my career. Bramson ORT classes taught me basic HTML coding and simple programming languages. With this knowledge, I was able to teach myself CSS. I am currently learning JavaScript and continuing my studies. Bramson ORT helped me develop my artistic and design skills even further. I enjoy drawing, inking, and painting. However, finding a career as an artist is difficult and ORT provided me with a way to apply my creative talent onto the digital world. I teamed up with other students to put together a simple interactive video game presentation for this year’s World ORT General Assembly.  My partner, Steve, a Game Design major, assisted me with the coding. I used my creative skills to design character sprites and an informational website about the game. I am almost finished with my degree at Bramson ORT College and am planning to expand my skills and knowledge even further by continuing my education.  Showcasing our work at Washington DC was great fun!

- Aleksey N.
Bramson ORT College Design Student


My name is Victoria and I started going to Bramson ORT College in the year 2010. I graduated from the two-year program receiving my Associate Degree as a Medical Assistant. My experience with Bramson ORT College was a great journey. Going to school felt like a prize. I learned a lot of new things about the body and how everything works. The teachers were great and assisted me when I needed a helping hand. After my time at Bramson ORT College, I decided to go further with my education. I applied to Hunter College and took EMT classes to further my knowledge in the medical field. I am currently taking nursing classes at Hunter College and my goal is to finish all the classes and maybe even go on to become a doctor. I can’t tell you how much I love to help people and save lives. It’s probably the best feeling in the world to make somebody's day, at least for me it is.  I had a great time at the General World ORT Assembly in Washington DC this summer!  It was a great experience meeting so many talented ORT students.  

- Victoria J.
Bramson ORT Medical Assistant Alumni


My name is Maria. I was born in Russia. At the age of 9, I went to live in Israel with my Family. After 11 years, my family and I decided to come to America. When I came to America, I started working at the Queens Mall. At that time, I spoke and understood a bit of English. After working 2 years at the Mall and a variety of stores, I got a job working as a Medical Biller with my cousin. In 2006, I got married and had two kids. After having my children, I decided to go back to school to get my college degree so that my children and I could have a better life. I began studying at BRAMSON ORT College. I wanted to get my Medical Assistant Associate Degree with my GED. When I first started at BRAMSON ORT College during my second semester, I did a work-study program at a medical office. There, I learned how to work with doctors and nurses in a real medical field. Bramson ORT College transformed my life by giving me such hands-on career opportunities. Also, I have learned a lot from the professors, including: how to draw blood, how to do EKG’s, and how to take patients’ Vital Signs. So far, being at BRAMSON ORT College has taught me to be more professional and confident. My goals are to finish college, find a job as a Medical Assistant, and plan on continuing my education to become a nurse. If someone told me that they decided to go to college for their Associate Degree, I would proudly recommend BRAMSON ORT College! I had a great opportunity this past summer.  I was part of a group of top Bramson ORT Students selected to present projects at the ORT General Assembly in Washington DC.  This was a great experience!!!

- Maria A.
Bramson ORT Medical Assistant Alumni


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