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Bramson ORT Students learn about the latest Cisco Technology with Professor Igor Skuratovskiy at the new state-of-the-art Cisco Lab

Computer Networks is one of the most popular programs among Computer and Electronics majors  today. Virtually all devices around us use networks, including computers, TVs, cars,  planes,  power supply systems, industrial machines, etc.  Therefore, Computer Networks courses are required at all of the Computer and Electrical Engineering Programs.  However, there are a lot of new networking technologies today, such as Voice over IP, Cloud Computing,  Fiber Optic Networks, MPLS, and many other.  There are only a few colleges in New York City that teach all types of such cutting edge networking technologies hands-on.  Bramson ORT College is one of them.  Students get to learn the latest Cisco Technology at a state-of-the-art lab to help prepare them for “real world” jobs in the field.

One of the leading experts in the field is Igor Skuratovskiy, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Bramson ORT College.  Professor Skuratovskiy has been teaching at Bramson ORT since January 2000.  He came to New York 20 years ago.  His family emigrated from Kiev, Ukraine after the collapse of the former USSR.   He was a student of Electrical Engineering at Kiev Polytechnic University, who later transferred his credits to the New York Institute of Technology.  Professor Skuratovskiy shares his experience teaching at Bramson ORT College.  Below is his perspective and story.

“Computers and networks become very important and I studied virtually all related courses. My Master Degree project was in the field of Fiber Optic Networks. I obtained my undergraduate and graduate degrees  in  Electrical and Computer Engineering and  I worked as an electronic engineer, network engineer,  project manager, and consultant. My engineering and scientific interests are in the field of Computer Networks and Computer Engineering, Fiber Optic Networks, Power and Industrial Electronics.  I obtained the position of Professor at Bramson ORT 14 years ago.  During these years, I also taught at colleges such as NYIT, DeVry University, TCI, and Globe Institute of Technology. However, I still work at Bramson ORT College.  Why?  There are many reasons why Bramson ORT College is an excellent school for technology related fields.

I teach courses that are part of the Computer Networking Program at Bramson ORT College. There are some very interesting facts about this great program.  This program includes virtually all possible courses in the field of computer networks, such as Computer Networks ( I, II, III ),  Routing and Switching,  Computer Network Security, Wide Area Networks ( WAN ) and Wireless WAN, Voice over IP, Cisco Routers, Network Virtualization, Fiber Optic Networks, Computer Systems and many other.  These Associate Degree courses at Bramson ORT College correspond to advanced level Bachelor Degree Programs, but some courses colleges only teach at a Master Degree Program! For example, Routing and Switching is a very important networking course, usually offered at graduate programs. I teach this course according to the CCIE requirements (CCIE is the highest level of Cisco certification).  Students get to learn this cutting edge technology as they are earning their Associate Degree in Computer Networking at Bramson ORT College!  There are a lot of other related computer and electronic courses, such as Data Communication, Telecommunication, Computer Architecture, Operating systems, Windows Server, UNIX, etc.  Furthermore, the college introduces new courses in this field almost every semester now.  The faculty is very involved in keeping the technology and curriculum updated.

We have a new state-of-the-art Cisco network laboratory.  I designed this lab with all the features of a modern data center in a big company.  The lab includes Switches Cisco 6509 and 3560, Routers Cisco 2800 and 2500, VPN concentrator, VoIP lab with HP Proliant  Servers and VoIP phones, etc.
As I mentioned, the Bramson ORT Networking Program teaches Senior and Junior level courses (3rd and 4th year of the college) in a two year program.  Now that is impressive!

When I started to teach at Bramson ORT 14 years ago, most of my students had at least a Masters Degree, some of them had a PhD.  ORT became an extremely popular college amongst immigrants. Students could get a new in-demand degree necessary at this country. Hundreds of electronic engineers studied computer networks, mathematicians studied programming, etc. It was a second major for them.  (For example, one of my students was a chief engineer at an industrial company located in Queens. He has a Masters Degree In Mechanical Engineering, but decided to obtained a second degree in Electronic Engineering at Bramson ORT College to update his skills).  With the new re-training program, many adults are switching careers or upgrading their skills by enrolling in technical colleges such as Bramson ORT. We also have a lot of young students who don’t have any previous degrees.  They want to get the advanced engineering skills such as Computer Networks without having to take two years of calculus, physics, chemistry, etc. Many students mention the fact that they want  to  become  network engineers, but they would like to avoid advanced calculus. Is this possible?  Bramson ORT College offers a unique opportunity to study advanced networking, electronics and programming without such prerequisites as calculus, physics, and chemistry.  (At other colleges, students usually must to take at least 4 - 7 calculus courses as a prerequisite for any engineering or computer science major).  Many of my former students have obtained a position of Network / System  Engineers and  Network  Administrators at very reputable companies. Some of them transferred credits from Bramson ORT to other colleges that offer related Bachelor programs. These people are very happy because they transferred virtually all the senior and junior major courses (the most advanced courses).  Some students completed a double major at Bramson ORT with success. Therefore, they could study virtually all possible courses related to Computer Networks.

The Computer Networking Program at Bramson ORT College is very flexible and it has a lot of elective courses.  Students can select courses according to their interests. I can always help you select the best courses for your desired concentration.
  Don’t worry if you don’t have any previous experience. This is not necessary.  You can study with top Bramson ORT faculty and gain experience.  We also have 19 Degree Programs and many Certificate Programs to choose from, including Game Design and Programming, Renewable Energy, Electronics, Business, Paralegal, Accounting, Medical Assistant, and Administrative Assistant.  Bramson ORT College is truly the college of opportunities.  visit our website at for more information.”

Good Luck on your new career path!

Professor Igor Skuratovskiy   


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