Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bramson ORT's Faculty Pioneer the Latest in Educational Technology

In a recent 3D Character Modeling and Animation Workshop, Bramson ORT College's gaming and design students participated in the Annual Wingate Seminar in collaboration with ORT UK.  This year's popular topic was “Gaming and Gamification.”  The focus was on the use of the latest gaming technology as an educational and motivational tool beyond entertainment purposes.  The class discussed current trends in "serious gaming" including some recent news about gamers decoding and unlocking the fundamental mysteries of certain diseases using a multiplayer game called Foldit.  The gamers were able to make a significant contribution to the medical field through innovative approaches to problem solving with the use of games and teamwork.

During the workshop, Professor of 3D Animation, Dominika Juraszek, discussed the latest in 3D technology.  Ms. Juraszek introduced Professor Douglas Huang who teaches electronics at Bramson ORT College.  With both of his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and currently conducting his Doctoral study in Human Cognition at Columbia University, Professor Huang brings exciting new ways of learning abstract concepts in science and technology. Using the latest in theory in human cognition and haptic-based human-computer interaction (HCI), Mr. Huang helps students learn according to their strengths and needs.  In order to help students gain stronger physics fundamentals, Mr. Huang used a three-dimensional force feedback joystick called the Novint Falcon.  This controller is one of the latest developments in haptic-based human computer interaction that can demonstrate force in different settings so that students can experience the actual phenomena while learning different physics laws.  The Novint Falcon allows the gamer to feel a realistic sense of touch while playing.  The controller can also be used as an instructional tool to simulate a realistic feeling of pressure in a gaming environment. As a result, students can easily understand, recall, and apply these concepts in practice.  A portion of the workshop video can be viewed at  Bramson ORT’s students will be using the Novint Falcon device in Professor Huang's electronics class this coming semester.

High-end technology and educational innovation is one of the hallmarks of Bramson ORT College.  The non-for-profit school was established in 1942 to serve refugees and immigrants and assist them in obtaining a quality technical education during and after the Second World War.  Bramson ORT College is accredited by the Board of Regents of The University of the State of New York.  The school encourages students to learn the latest hands-on skills beyond the classroom environment.  This past summer, design and gaming students had a chance to showcase their work at the General Assembly of World ORT in Washington D.C.  Bramson ORT students presented their work amongst other international ORT students, who showcased their robotics skills and other technological inventions.  In addition to trips, Bramson ORT College offers internship and job placement services.  With a strong Career Services Department, students are able to apply for internships in their field while working towards finishing their two-year degree.  With 19 degrees, online classes, and certificate programs offered, the school has been viewed as an oasis of career opportunities for inner city youth. The Queens and Brooklyn Campuses also offer degrees in Accounting, Business Management, Medical Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Professional Billing and Coding, Electronics Technology, Computer Networking, Renewable Energy, Paralegal, Game and Graphic Design and much more.

In today’s tough economy, students and parents of High School graduates should consider the benefits of such a school as Bramson ORT College that provides affordable tuition coupled with great scholarships and hands-on educational opportunities.  The school is close to major transportation, including the E, F, N, R, M, and D subway lines. For more information call (877) 861-9023 or visit the main website at  The college has a blog where visitors can read the latest news, testimonials, and student success stories at If you are interested in the Gaming and Graphic Design classes and programs contact the Multimedia Coordinator and Professor, Ms. Juraszek, at djuraszek@bramsonort.eduor contact Electronics and Computer Department Coordinator, Mr. Persaud, at 718-261-5800.

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