Monday, March 2, 2015

Distinguish Yourself As An Administrative Assistant With the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration of our A.O.S. Degree

Administrative assistants form the backbone of a countless array of business around the world. As the US economy continues to develop and become even more integrated with other global entities, the demand for competent and efficient administrative assistants will continue to rise. Due to the inherent flexibility of this particular profession, skilled administrative assistants can find their own enriching niche within the industry of their choice, working alongside professionals with whom they share interests and passions.

At Bramson ORT, students can benefit from the knowledge and insight of skilled faculty who bring their own professional wisdom gained through years of real-world business experience to the classroom. After completing the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration of Bramson ORT’s Associate of Occupational Science degree, students will be fully prepared to make the transition from student life to working life. Graduates of the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration are now currently employed by businesses and health-related professional organizations across the country.

Defining the Role of Administrative Assistants

The key function of administrative assistants is typically to offer expedient logistical support to colleagues and business professionals. This type of support could take the form of data entry, word processing, online scheduling, office record management and a variety of other critical tasks. In today’s era of cutting-edge cloud technology, administrative assistants are often called on to share crucial business data with employees and decision makers around the globe. Ultimately, administrative assistants service as a crucial foundation on which the success of a business enterprise is often built.

Those individuals who have enrolled in the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration at Bramson ORT will be uniquely prepared to handle the wide array of tasks and challenges that present themselves within the medical industry. Students who have completed the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration will be able to quickly integrate themselves into medical practices and other health-related organizations across the country. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for administrative assistants is expected to grow in line with national averages. Those who do choose to receive specialized education in this particular field are likely to quickly distinguish themselves in job applications and interviews. There is often ample room for growth and career development for experienced, skilled administrative assistants. Those who have demonstrated a successful record of administrative assistance are likely to be offered positions overseeing larger teams while assuming a broader array of responsibilities.

The Advantage of Bramson ORT’s Professional Billing and Coding Concentration

Given the fact that today’s technology seems to evolve at a more rapid pace than anyone could have ever imagined, it is essential that students who are planning on becoming high-functioning office assistants be well versed in the software and utilities that will allow them to perform their duties in line with industry standards.

The Professional Billing and Coding Concentration of Bramson ORT’s Associate of Occupational Science degree features a unique and challenging curriculum which ensures that students have all of the knowledge they need to ensure rewarding employment following graduation. Examples of classes included in the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration include:

     Principles of Accounting
     Advanced Computer Applications
     Secretarial Practices
     Medical Terminology
     Advanced ICD CM Coding

One of the most valuable elements of the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration curriculum is the opportunity to experience a real-world internship, which ensures that the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom can be practiced and explored in a professional, results-oriented setting. Future job seekers who are passionate about setting themselves above their competitors in the professional setting can use this internship opportunity to ensure that their credentials are outstanding when it comes time for their first interview.

 Apply Now!

Students can enroll in the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration of Bramson ORT’s Associate of Occupational Science degree through both the Queens and Brooklyn campuses of the college. This helps to ensure that those students who may have pre-existing work or personal commitments can still pursue the education they desire.

With some of the lowest tuition rates in the states and generous financial aid, Bramson ORT remains true to its original goal of providing an outstanding education to all individuals, regardless of their financial status. If you are interested in learning more about the Professional Billing and Coding Concentration at Bramson ORT, you can contact us here! We look forward to hearing from you!

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