Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A New Year, A New Career: An Affordable Education at Bramson ORT Can Help You Get There!

Each year on January 1st, millions of individuals across the globe decide upon their resolutions for the New Year, a series of goals that can range from getting in shape to landing the dream job. Although career success is definitely a worthwhile objective, it can be hard to do without a quality education!

At Bramson ORT College, we pride ourselves on helping students develop the skills they need to pursue their academic and professional goals. Our student body features a diverse array of cultures, interests and passions which reflect the unique population of the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn and the state of New York. Our students come to us with a shared commitment to excel in their chosen degree program. We are proud to offer:

     Affordable, low-cost tuition and generous financial aid packages.
     Small classroom sizes for personal, individualized learning experiences.
     Flexible class scheduling.
     Hands-on training in addition to classroom work.

Although the current economic climate remains competitive, nearly 80% of our graduating students secure rewarding positions in their respective fields of study each year. The faculty at Bramson ORT bring years of valuable experience and insight into the classroom, helping to ensure that students will be able to distinguish themselves on job applications and during in-person interviews.

Learn More About Us 

Bramson ORT College was first established in 1942 in order to provide valuable educational services for refugees and immigrants during and following the Second World War. After decades of renowned service, Bramson ORT was officially accredited as a College in 1977, offering much sought-after higher education technical programs to residents of the New York community. The goals and values that Bramson ORT championed in these early years of development are identical to those found here today. They include:

     Presenting students with the opportunity to receive the best possible education in a technical, business, or health service program of their choice.
     Preparing students for gainful and rewarding employment upon graduation.
     Helping students develop interpersonal skills and productive work habits.
     Fusing an insightful Liberal Arts education with real-world technical training.
     Encourage attendance among underserved populations within the New York community.
     Provide all students with a well-rounded education that helps them become responsible and informed members of society.

From the first day on campus to the final handshake at graduation, the students at Bramson ORT are supported by a team of faculty and university employees who are completely invested in their success. Bramson ORT spares no expense when developing a supportive and encouraging academic experience for their students.

Degree Programs

Students can currently enroll in one of several in-demand degree and certificate programs, including:

     Business Management
     Computer Technology
     Electronics Technology
     Medical & Natural Sciences
     Office Technology

Each of these fields of study offers countless opportunities for growth and success in the professional workforce. Regardless of which program our students choose, they remain confident in the knowledge that they are receiving a world-class education at an affordable price.  Instead of worrying about student loans and unpaid debt, our graduates can immediately begin establishing themselves as competent professionals in the 21st century global economy.

In addition to theoretical knowledge and research, the faculty of Bramson ORT are committed to providing their students with demanding, hands-on training that puts their skills to the test. Not only does this type of training offer students a glimpse into the real-world operations of a variety of today’s most competitive industries, but it also helps them gain better insight into what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace. The curriculum at Bramson ORT is developed using only the most cutting-edge technology and information. Students will constantly find themselves on the cutting-edge of today’s industry-standard practices.

Apply Today!

Thanks to our streamlined application process, it’s never been easier to embark on the path to future success. If you are interested in learning more about Bramson ORT or any of the degree programs offered here, you can contact us by completing the online information request form located at:

We know how difficult it can be to take the first steps towards a new career path or educational program, and we are passionate about helping each and every student find the support and resources they need to make a quick and easy transition into student life. Whether this is your first time enrolling in higher education, or simply the right time to resume academic coursework that you have begun previously, Bramson ORT can help!

The world-class education you deserve is just a click away at Bramson ORT College. Talk to our admissions counselors today to learn more about the exciting world of opportunities waiting for you here! We look forward to hearing from you, and are honored that you are considering Bramson ORT for your next steps in higher education!

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