Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tips For A Successful First Year of College

Are you a college freshman who just completed or is about to complete their first day of college? As a freshman beginning a new academic journey, it's not unusual to feel nervous or anxious about what the future holds; college is a completely new experience that brings opportunities and challenges like you've never faced before.

At Bramson ORT College, we want to help make the college transition as easy and seamless as possible for you. That's why we've gathered a list of some of the top tips that college freshmen should know in order for their first year to be a success! See below:
  1. Make an effort to maintain a college budget. While it might seem like tuition is your main concern, don't forget that you will be required to purchase additional items such as textbooks throughout the year to accompany the material presented in the classroom.
  2. With a bigger workload and more responsibility, it is likely that college freshmen will experience the negative effects of stress at some point. To alleviate this stress, take proactive measures such as setting aside time to exercise and make sure you're getting enough sleep - this will not only help you feel better, but it will also help you perform better academically.
  3. Get involved in extra curricular activities. Joining clubs or attending campus events is a great way to make friends, especially if you're enrolled in a commuter college.
  4. From the start, make an effort to meet and get to know your professors. Not only will this help you become more comfortable in class, but they can also help you network and meet other students and professors that can help you in the long run.
  5. Take advantage of all the academic resources your school offers. Study groups, resource rooms and tutoring centers are there to help you succeed, so use their services to help you with any work that seems to be giving you trouble.

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