Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Are You Interested in our Paralegal Program?

Bramson Ort College's Paralegal Department ensures that its students and graduates will succeed in law firms specializing in Wills, Trusts & Estates. 

To help our students on their path to success, the Probate and Estate Administration course focuses on all aspects of New York State's Surrogate's Court practice and prevailing estate planning and administration laws, forms, and actions.  In this class, students gain a solid foundation in relevant terminology, issues, and concepts regarding the laws of intestacy (dying without a Last Will and Testament) versus dying testate (with a Will). 

Furthermore, the course identifies the ways property may be conveyed outside or within an administration proceeding and the tax consequences of all transfers. A visitor to our class will hear lively and in-depth discussions on real-world fact patterns and ethical considerations in every lesson. Ultimately, the student develops the practical skills needed for a thriving career in this growing legal field. 

Submitted by Sol Sokel, Esq. of the Paralegal Department.

For more information on the Paralegal Program and all other programs offered at Bramson ORT College, please visit us online for more information or join us at one of our open houses. Registration is in progress. 

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