Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Biba Nadjoari, Bramson ORT College Graduate Success Story

“Bramson ORT College made my dream come true! I finally have a career that I love.” These are the types of statements we love to hear from our graduates. Today’s success story is from Biba Nadjorari, a Bramson ORT College graduate who now has the career of her dreams.

Did you know the Medical Profession is the fastest growing profession in the actual job market and is expected to increase steadily in the next 5 years? Students enrolled in our Medical Assistant program will learn how to handle tasks such as clinical duties, recording vital signs, preparing patients for examination and assisting physicians during the examination.

Bramson ORT College takes pride in the fact that our Medical & Natural Sciences Program offers students with the most up to date technology, fully equipped labs, computers, updates software and cutting-edge industry certified instructors.

If the Medical profession isn't the field you're looking to go in to, Bramson ORT College offers 19 different programs of study including Accounting, Business Management, Computer Technology and Game Design.

Read more below about Biba. We hope you find inspiration in her story to pursue your dreams here at Bramson ORT College. 

"My name is Biba Nadjoari and I was born in Burkina Faso, West Africa on January 1st, 1984. I emigrated to the United States of America in May 2007 to join my husband, whom I had met in 2004 in Burkina Faso. In 2008, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, but things weren’t going well between us and we eventually separated in 2011. Life was very tough for me during that period, but I realized that God works in mysterious ways. I knew I would get my smile back. Today, I have a smile because of Bramson ORT College.
I always thought about going back to school, but I never had the opportunity to. In January 2012, I bought “The Daily News” newspaper one morning when I was on my way to work. Though I had little time to look at it, something caught my eye in the job opportunities section. I saw an ad for Bramson ORT College that read “Become a Medical Assistant at Bramson ORT College in less than 16 months!” During that same week, I visited Bramson ORT College’s Brooklyn Campus to find out more information about this Degree Program. When I arrived, Ms. Vera Brenner welcomed me. She encouraged me to process my application as soon as possible and registered me for my Accuplacer test. I was not successful the first time, so she recommended I start free tutoring at Bramson ORT College. There, I met Ms. Zoya Yakubova, who encouraged me to take the test again. Again, I was not successful, so I continued my tutoring with Zoya. A few weeks later, she advised me to take the test again before the summer semester started in June 2012. This time, I successfully passed. Thanks to Bramson ORT staff, I was able to stay determined and not give up!
In June 2012, I was finally able to start my Degree Program at Bramson ORT College, but then I lost my Home Health Aide job. This was a very difficult time for me, but I refused to give up college for any reason. For four months, I lived without a job and found it very difficult. A silver lining occurred when I finally got a full-time job in October 2012, around the time I was registered for my second semester. I was working day and night and still taking 18 credits at Bramson ORT College. I successfully completed my second semester and started my third semester. I then realized that my life was much better than it was before.
During my fourth semester, I started my internship at Dr. Ofem Ajah’s office at The New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Dr. Ajah and his staff loved me. He really appreciated my professional performance and skills, so he offered to hire me. I completed my application at The New York Methodist Hospital and went in for the interview. As a result, I was successfully hired with a full time job in August 2013. I completed my internship at the end of August and received my two-year Medical Assistant Associate Degree in October 2013. The Medical Assistant Program at Bramson ORT College offers students numerous opportunities and teaches them valuable real-life skills. Obtaining multiple skills increases your chances of working in any health care facility or health related company. There are many doors open for Medical Assistants even in this tough economy.
Bramson ORT College made my dream come true! I finally have a career that I love. I am working full-time as a Medical Assistant at The New York Methodist Hospital and I have transferred my Bramson ORT College credits to CUNY for enrollment in a nursing program. I now believe that I can take good care of myself and my daughter and still further my education. I am very grateful to Bramson ORT College for this wonderful experience, and will always recommend the college to all. I will never forget my professors, who always made me laugh even when the going got tough. I would like to thank all my Professors, Bramson ORT staff, and my classmates for their support. Thank you for helping me live my dream! A special thank you to Dr. Ofem Ajah and all others who enabled me to get the career of my dreams at New York Methodist Hospital!"

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