Monday, August 19, 2013

Gugu Ginindza, Student from South Africa, Graduates as the 2013 Valedictorian at Bramson ORT College!

Bramson ORT College has many great student success stories!

Amongst them is the story of Gugu Ginindza, a student from Southern Africa who began her medical career at Bramson ORT College and graduated as the 2013 Valedictorian with honors. Read her story below.


"My name is Gugu Ginindza. I am a Bramson ORT student. I am from Swaziland in Southern Africa. I am the first-born of three. I have a sister and a brother. My parents are both deceased. I am the mother of three boys and have been married for ten years. I came to the United States to join my husband who is currently enrolled at Columbia University.

One day my husband was passing by Bramson ORT and he decided to come in and get information on how to apply. The staff at the Admissions Office were very friendly and welcoming, and they gave him all the information he needed. A few days later, I came in to complete the application process and that is how I enrolled at Bramson ORT.

Bramson ORT College gave me a chance to embark upon my educational dream. I had applied to other schools before, but I was rejected because I did not have any educational background in the U.S. While at Bramson ORT, I learned a lot and the learning environment with professional and caring professors made it easier. I thought that I would have a hard time fitting in being a foreigner, but everyone was welcoming and I felt like other students.

Currently, I am enrolled at York College, CUNY. I enrolled as a Biology Major. My goal is to enroll as a medical candidate by fall of 2015. The education that I garnered from Bramson ORT has been very beneficial, and I realize that it gave me a head start for my education in the medical field. I would not have been able to pursue my educational goals if Bramson ORT had not given me a chance.

Now that I have my Medical Assistant Degree, my options are endless. I have plans to get a part-time job as a Medical Assistant and continue my education full time. I would recommend Bramson ORT to any student who wants to get started on their education or career in the medical field."

- Gugu Ginindza
  Bramson ORT College’s VALEDICTORIAN 2013

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