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This June, Bramson ORT College held their graduation ceremony at the Forest Hills Jewish Center. Staff, faculty, friends, and parents gathered to congratulate the class of 2013. Students delivered captivating speeches reflecting on how Bramson ORT aided them on their path to success. Many shared their personal life stories during the graduation.  One such powerful speech was delivered by Jessica Florez. Jessica enrolled in the Medical Department with a concentration in Medical Billing and Coding.  On the day of her graduation, she shared her story of struggle, transformation, and victory in a speech that moved many in the audience.

My name is Jessica Florez and I am a woman who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. This year, I achieved my goal of graduating college. I came to Bramson ORT College inquiring about information on how to become a student and I decided to enroll. It has always been a dream of mine to graduate college and have a successful future in a medical profession. During my time at Bramson ORT College, I was faced with tragedy that forced me to struggle throughout my semesters. On September 29, 2009, I enrolled at Bramson ORT College with great excitement to be taking a step forward in furthering my education. I was eager to share the news with my mom and brother and contact my father. I received a phone call that evening and had to face the worst possible news about my father’s death. My father had suffered a heart attack. For me, losing a parent and not having them be able to witness one's joy and happiness is incredibly painful. I didn’t want to go back to school and I was missing a lot of my classes. But something came over me during that time. It was like I had my father by my side saying, “Jessica you have to finish school! I want you to achieve your hopes and dreams and I will be looking down at you.” So, I pulled myself together and I conquered this for him. Even though my dad couldn’t be with me on my graduation to celebrate this special day, I know he’s here in spirit. Losing a loved one like my dad has motivated me to graduate. I know I’ve made him proud. I want to state that things aren’t easy in life. In order to become someone and grow as an individual you are going to have to face struggles in life, but you can overcome them as I did. I’m glad that I pushed myself towards the right direction to finish college and go after what I want in life. I want to thank my mom who brought me into this world. She has always encouraged me to do the right things and has always supported me. My mom always wants what’s best for me and I love her. I also want to thank my friends and family who have supported me throughout this journey. I wanted to say to my dad what I did not get a chance to say to him, “Dad, I love you and miss you and will continue to make you proud!” I want to thank the staff and professors at Bramson ORT College who were there for me and believed in me as a student and as an individual. My experience at Bramson ORT will never be forgotten and I will take that with me always. Thank you to everyone at Bramson ORT College for the opportunity to share my story! I greatly appreciate it! And to my fellow classmates, good luck to each and every one of you. Thank you!

Jessica Florez 
Bramson ORT College Graduate

In today’s tough economy, students and parents of high school graduates should consider the benefits of a non-for-profit school such as Bramson ORT College that provides affordable tuition coupled with great scholarships and hands-on educational opportunities. The staff and faculty work closely with the students to help prepare them for in-demand careers. Bramson ORT has a strong career services department that assists students with internship opportunities and job placement.
The college is close to major transportation, including the E, F, N, R, M, and D subway lines. 
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