Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bramson ORT College Taught Me the Skills and Knowledge Required to Make it in The Gaming Industry!

Bramson ORT College Taught Me the Skills and Knowledge Required to Make it in The Gaming Industry!

"My name is Adam Alicea and I graduated with an Associate Degree in Game Design at Bramson ORT College. Before I started my education at Bramson ORT College, I was working at an uneventful security job. I knew I didn’t want to do this for the rest of my life and I had a desire to obtain a career relating to the art field. At the time, I wasn’t sure what my options were. I had dropped out of high school, which put me at a major disadvantage as a workforce candidate. A friend told me about Bramson ORT College’s GED Program. I learned that you could obtain your GED while earning college credit at the same time. I immediately jumped onto this opportunity and enrolled at Bramson ORT College. This single decision impacted my future.

I enrolled as a Game Design and Programming major. I learned about Game Design starting from the basic principles to the intermediate concepts. This unique program introduces students to all types of design aspects from developing characters and understanding how they work, to understanding the business aspects and developing good stories for games. The Game Design Associate Degree Program also introduces you to intermediate aspects of programming for game and character development. I was introduced to Autodesk Maya, an industry software application used for 3D animation, 3D modeling, simulation, visual effects, rendering, and compositing. With Maya, I learned how to develop 3D models for games and animations. In my first few classes, I realized that I wanted to design characters for video games and become a successful Game Designer.

During my studies, Bramson ORT College’s Career Services Department helped me obtain an internship as a Game Tester for Power Head Games. As a game tester, I had to document any issues or errors in video games and send these reports to the Game Developers. This role is very important because it involves all the mechanics of a game, such as the art, sound, hardware, and software. Without these aspects, the game cannot be completed. The whole process of creating a game from start to finish is amazing and challenging. Everyone I worked with had strict deadlines, and we had to finish our duties in a small amount of time. I witnessed how hard everyone had to work to finish completing the game, and I pushed myself to do the best job possible. I received an A following the completion of my internship.

I came to the realization that what I learned was more important than receiving a good grade. I learned something that I could take with me in any situation. It was the idea and understanding that through any situation there will always be a struggle. There will always be some type of frustration or letdown or days when you feel like quitting. But through your struggles, you end up building something without realizing it. This is called character. Character can be a strength that takes on any situation. Sometimes knowing or not knowing what is really involved and building a strong character is a tool that will help you to grow as a better person for the rest of your life! Bramson ORT College taught me the skills and knowledge required to make it in the gaming industry! I am glad that I found my path at Bramson ORT! You can view my first short 3D Animation student film by clicking here:"

- Adam Alicea
(Game Design & Programming Graduate)

With the growing demand for game design and programming skills in an expanding industry, Bramson ORT’s Game Design Concentration and Game Design Certificate Program was founded in 2009. It was one of the few programs pioneering the latest game design software, technology, and theory in one of the most current and creative fields. The program became so popular that a Game Design Associate Degree was approved in October 2011. The degree program received accreditation by NYSED and was implemented successfully. Bramson ORT’s game design courses are aimed at meeting the standard competencies necessary for employment in the game design industry. The curriculum includes hands-on training in computer and game programming, game design theory, and game development. The popularity of the program proved that there is a growing demand for creative careers in this expanding and in-demand field. In addition to the Game Design Associate Degree, the college offers careers in the Medical Field, Pre-law, Business, Business Online, Accounting, Office Technology, Renewable Energy, Electronics, Graphic Design Concentration, and Computer Networking. Currently, Bramson ORT College has an over 80% graduate job placement rate! For more information about our Queens and Brooklyn campuses and programs visit You can view more Bramson ORT students’ work at our new Game Design Portal and watch animations and videos on YouTube:

For a limited time, Bramson ORT College is offering a $500 scholarship towards tuition for students that enroll.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Gugu Ginindza, Student from South Africa, Graduates as the 2013 Valedictorian at Bramson ORT College!

Bramson ORT College has many great student success stories!

Amongst them is the story of Gugu Ginindza, a student from Southern Africa who began her medical career at Bramson ORT College and graduated as the 2013 Valedictorian with honors. Read her story below.


"My name is Gugu Ginindza. I am a Bramson ORT student. I am from Swaziland in Southern Africa. I am the first-born of three. I have a sister and a brother. My parents are both deceased. I am the mother of three boys and have been married for ten years. I came to the United States to join my husband who is currently enrolled at Columbia University.

One day my husband was passing by Bramson ORT and he decided to come in and get information on how to apply. The staff at the Admissions Office were very friendly and welcoming, and they gave him all the information he needed. A few days later, I came in to complete the application process and that is how I enrolled at Bramson ORT.

Bramson ORT College gave me a chance to embark upon my educational dream. I had applied to other schools before, but I was rejected because I did not have any educational background in the U.S. While at Bramson ORT, I learned a lot and the learning environment with professional and caring professors made it easier. I thought that I would have a hard time fitting in being a foreigner, but everyone was welcoming and I felt like other students.

Currently, I am enrolled at York College, CUNY. I enrolled as a Biology Major. My goal is to enroll as a medical candidate by fall of 2015. The education that I garnered from Bramson ORT has been very beneficial, and I realize that it gave me a head start for my education in the medical field. I would not have been able to pursue my educational goals if Bramson ORT had not given me a chance.

Now that I have my Medical Assistant Degree, my options are endless. I have plans to get a part-time job as a Medical Assistant and continue my education full time. I would recommend Bramson ORT to any student who wants to get started on their education or career in the medical field."

- Gugu Ginindza
  Bramson ORT College’s VALEDICTORIAN 2013

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Read more success stories at:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bramson ORT College Paralegal Students Visit The Brooklyn Law Library

On August 6, 2013, the Legal Research and Writing class of the Brooklyn campus visited the Brooklyn Law Library. Students toured the library with a staff legal librarian and reviewed the numerous research materials, texts, and documents available to attorneys and paralegals. In this picture, students are reviewing cases from more than 100 years ago. It was amazing to read a case decided after the end of the US Civil War and the beginning of the US Industrial Revolution. The paralegal students, accompanied by Professor Aicha Cesar, saw first-hand how attorneys and paralegals perform legal research. This was a great field trip!

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*Photographs and commentary courtesy of Professor Aicha Cesar

Monday, August 5, 2013

Bramson ORT College Paralegal Department News

Graduating students in the Paralegal Department complete internships with law firms during the last semester of study. This summer, 3 students are interning at New York City law firms and gaining valuable and marketable experience. Qiong is interning at the Bronx office of a Queens law firm which specializes in personal injury cases. She is meeting with clients, researching legal issues, preparing the first drafts of discovery documents, and organizing files for trial. MD's internship is at a Queens law firm which handles real estate and matrimonial cases. He is reviewing and helping to negotiate residential Contracts of Sale and assisting in divorce and child custody matters.

MD works at the firm on Saturdays, which is convenient for his schedule. Abdullah's internship is with a Queens law firm specializing in immigration law. He is learning about the requirements of the Department of Homeland Security for visa and citizenship petitions and meets with clients to present their applications in a thorough, professional manner. These three students work closely with their supervising attorneys and other firm staff members to contribute to their law firms, help their clients, and obtain practical experience in the law, which will bolster their already impressive resumes. They are off to a great start in their chosen field! Visit for more info!