Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bramson ORT College Paralegal Department News

Bramson ORT College is joining the New York City Paralegal Association as a sustaining member. Each month, two paralegal students will attend the association’s meetings, networking events, and social programs featuring law firms and certified paralegals.

Legal Research and Writing students are taking a field trip to the Brooklyn Law Library on August 6, 2013. They will meet with a law librarian, tour the library, and review available research facilities and resources. Professor Aicha Cesar is very dedicated to her students. She is planning a special class on the basics of briefing a case. Reviewing, analyzing, and understanding cases are essential skills for all paralegals and will assist paralegal students in mastering these tasks.

The 2nd Moot Court Competition is underway with a Torts fact pattern. Students are preparing to submit written briefs on the case and make oral arguments in front of the Paralegal Department faculty. The Competition provides students with an opportunity to polish their written and verbal communication skills as well as engage in a friendly simulation of legal argument.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Real Students! Real Success Stories! Bramson ORT College.

The medical industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century and it has been reported that the employment of Medical Assistants is expected to grow tremendously as the health service industry expands. Bramson ORT’s Career Services Department assists students with job and internship placement in different medical fields. The small class size, affordable tuition, and community atmosphere allows students to get the hands-on training they need to help them succeed in the “Real World.” Bramson ORT’s educational success is reflected in the many testimonials and student stories such as this one below:

Bramson ORT led me to a Golden Path!

"Why did I become a college student? After being employed at my former job for a decade, I was laid off. I was hurt, scared, and confused, and I didn’t know how I would be able to survive without a steady income.

It has always been a dream of mine to further my education. Education has always been, and remains, one of the key values in my family. I wanted to convey the importance of education to my children, without being a hypocrite. Though I would be receiving unemployment benefits, I knew this would give me the opportunity pursue my long time dream of obtaining a college degree. What better way to set an example for my family than to show them that I could earn a college degree while being a mother, babysitter, and household manager? Yes, women wrote the book on multitasking! I knew that pursuing a college degree would be a challenge, and that it would take a lot of hard work, but I believed in myself!

I began researching two-year colleges and learned about Bramson ORT College. The
small class sizes, diverse student body, and hands-on training caught my attention. Having been out of school for a long period of time, I knew I would need some encouragement and individualized help from my instructors. Their support was wonderful and gave me the positive boost I needed.

I enrolled in the Medical Assistant Associate Degree Program at Bramson ORT College. I knew that because of the tremendous growth in the health service industry, I would have a better chance of being employed in this field. In less than two years, I landed my dream job as a Medical Assistant!

Through this life changing experience, I’ve learned that you should always aspire to achieve your goals, no matter what obstacles may get in your way. Never stop believing in yourself. With perseverance and hard work, “YOU” can make it happen! If you believe in your dreams and work hard towards your goals, doors will open up in ways you’d never have imagined. I believed, achieved, and succeeded, and you can too!"

Nicole D.
- Medical Assistant Graduate, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Why Choose Bramson ORT College? Hear What Our Top Graduates Are Saying!

Why Choose Bramson ORT College? Hear What Our Top Graduates Are Saying!

Scott McIntosh graduated from the Renewable Energy Program with Honors. During the recent 2013 Bramson ORT College Graduation Ceremony, he shared his great Bramson ORT experience - READ BELOW

My classmates and I are very grateful for our talented instructors and advisors, whose caring, and constant dedication have been instrumental to our success here. I am personally thankful, for having the opportunity to study under Professor John Howell, his advice, along with his extensive knowledge, has inspired me to broaden my horizons. And then, there is our Zoya, her guidance and enthusiasm, were priceless to me. Our problems were always important to her, and her inner light could brighten up anyone’s day.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to our school, Bramson ORT College. Bramson is member of the “World ORT” organization. ORT was founded in Russia in the year 1880, with the noble mission, to provide much needed technical knowledge and skill, to members of the Russian Jewish community. Today, over 130 years later, ORT’s founding purpose is still being realized, along with some significant advancements. ORT schools, such as ours, have opened their doors to the entire world community. Over the years, they have promoted education and training to all who are willing to learn in more than 100 countries. You can clearly see the proof of that here today, by the great variety of faces in our graduating class.

Graduates, I know that many of you feel as fortunate as I do today. Virtually every one of us has family members or forebears who have made sacrifices on our behalf. Our predecessors made those sacrifices so that we would have a better life and could have a positive impact on society. Most of their dreams were not for themselves, but for the success of the next generation.

Today, you have fulfilled their dreams, and justified their sacrifice. This is a great accomplishment, and you should all be very proud. We have worked very hard for our degrees & certificates, and we have earned this day. We should enjoy this moment fully, but also be mindful, that with today’s achievements will come tomorrow’s responsibilities. We have gained an education and now we have the obligation to use what we have learned to better our lives, and to benefit humanity.

-For what man, is truly a man, who does not try to make his world better?

In recent times, we have seen our share of inept and self-serving individuals in places of power. It seems as if an epidemic of selfishness and greed has infected a large portion of the population. Our country is now in great need of real leaders. Leaders with integrity and with vision, whom we can all rally behind. Leaders whose first priority lies with the betterment of the people they serve, and not with the enrichment of their own bank accounts or celebrity.

My friends, I urge you, to see your diploma not only as a passport to the good life, but also as a permit to help create a better life for all. Each of us can be a leader, or an advocate for change, in whatever profession we choose. For if you improve life for one of us, you have, in turn, improved life for all of us.

My colleagues, I call upon you now, to follow in the footsteps of those who dreamed of your success. Make it your goal to initiate positive changes for the benefit of future generations. Make it your dream to accomplish something greater then yourself. And Make this day, this day, be the start of a journey that will culminate with a legacy of respectable leadership, environmental enrichment, and the advancement of all humanity.

And allow these words, from Emerson, to guide you.

“The purpose of life is not only to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, and to be compassionate, and to have it make some difference that you have lived, and lived well.” 

Scott McIntosh, Bramson ORT Graduate from the Renewable Energy Program